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june 2018
WalkingWords Productions GmbH was founded
october 2018
WalkingWords GmbH was supported by the Foundation for Innovation of
Liechtenstein because of its innovative approach to revolutionise literature
december 2018
Walking Words GmbH was supported by the Foundation for Research and Development Austria ffg to start a research and development of a unique technology to reattract publishing for the coming generations
febuary 2019
General technology R&D was started in cooperation with the Research Center of the University of Applied Science in Dornbirn
december 2019
Consumer survey to track the detailed demands about their future
expectation for an enhanced storytelling concept based on novels
january 2021
The base technology has been defined which will enable superior features of a new storytelling platform
june 2021
One million sets of user data have been collected to feed the developed
artificial intelligence in cooperation with the University of Applied Sciene
jan & feb 2022
Content production for the first release of the coming platform has been started.

The free iOS tablet app Gaze&Play has been launched – free cognitive
coordination training app, which helps WalkingWords and the University of Applied Science to study consumer behaviour, while focusing and interacting with an application

Our first release – the picturewalker

The “Picturewalker” is a captivating novel that merges history and an extraordinary magical gift, weaving a tale of courage, friendship and dangerous ancestors, Brace yourself for an unforgettable adventure, where the past and present collide in a symphony of magic and intrigue.

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