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where novels come to live


Immersive storytelling will revolutionize the way we experience novels. It will transport us right into captivating worlds and allow us to become real participants in the story.

Our commitment to visualize the author’s vision ensures that you see the story as it was originally conceived. A marvellous novel, stunning virtual walk throughs and immersive imagery transport you into the world of the narrative than ever before.

Novels published on WalkingWords always includes:

  • the e-book
  • the audiobook
  • the virtual walk through locations
  • the interactive story wiki
  • movie sequences
  • a soundtrack and more

And the best at last – all included media of every novel is always included within a single purchase.


Dive deep into the author’s intricately crafted world and experience exclusive details beyond words that push storytelling to another level.

The interactive WHERE AM I? map is one of the amazing new features, which let you explore the streets of mystic cities, walk through scaring forests or admire a breath-taking surround view on a historic landscape with exclusive details developed in close cooperation with the author of every novel.

Whether you’re reading the novel or listening to the audiobook, “Where am I?” provides a seamless transition between the words on the page or the narrator’s voice and the immersive visual representation of the present scene. It enhances your overall storytelling experience, adding an extra layer of depth and realism, carefully curated by the author of the novel.

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Forgot who is who in the actual scene?
Tired of reading previous pages again after a break to find back into a story?

The interactive WHO AM I? feature will resolve this within seconds.

This feature is designed to provide readers of the e-book or listeners of the audiobook with an immersive and enriching experience by offering additional background information about the characters that goes beyond the written story.

Explore the details of the character intension, their family tree, their gifts, hidden intentions and exclusive background details always exactly  synchronized to your reading or listening position and you are back in the story within seconds

Immerse yourself in the world of “Who am I?” and unlock the secrets and hidden depths of the characters that will truly transform your reading or listening experience. Experience storytelling on a whole new level with this captivating feature, as it invites you to explore the vibrant lives and intricate personalities of the characters that make the story come alive.

where novels come to live


Some scenes are enhanced by movie sequences, carefully chosen by the author to convey emotions and intensify the story’s impact. These sequences enhance the novel, providing additional details and immersing you even further into the authors fictional universe.

But there’s more to this feature than meets the eye. Within these movie sequences, you’ll discover exclusive details that are not present in the written story, which are creating a visual meta story. These hidden gems add layers of depth and intrigue, offering a unique perspective that enhances your understanding of the plot and characters.

However, you don’t need to watch these sequences to understand the story. They complement the written narrative, going above and beyond to create a multi-dimensional storytelling experience.

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Sitting on the sofa enjoying reading but you need to leave with your car?

E-book and audiobook synchronization ensures a seamless transition between reading and listening. Whether you’re commuting, exercising, or simply relaxing, you can effortlessly switch between the e-book and audiobook without losing your place. This feature provides unparalleled convenience and flexibility, allowing you to enjoy the story in the format that best suits your current situation.

You can effortlessly transition between reading and listening, picking up right where you left off, and immersing yourself in the story in the way that best complements your current context.

The amazing clue of this feature is the accessibility of the Where am I? and Who am I? features described above are available for audiobook listeners as well.

This is a unique feature no audiobook platform all over the world is offering its listeners and you become an active participant, witnessing the author’s creative vision unfold in front of you.

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