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Do I need to buy the e-book and the audiobook separately?

No. Every novel published on WalkingWords includes the e-book, the audiobook, the virtual story walk through, the interactive story wiki and more in one single purchase.

Does the WalkingWords App cost anything?

No. The iOS and Android App is for free. You can read, listen and watch the first chapter of every novel for free to see if you like it. Once you buy the novel, all content is included just with one single purchase.

What does Immersive Storytelling mean for novel lovers?

Immersive storytelling will revolutionize the way of publishing novels. By combing the e-book, audiobook and additional media of a novel to one unique new product (we call it a liiberr), we can invite the audience to explore fictional worlds in depth and detail in an incomparable way. Immersive storytelling will take novel lovers even more into the amazing worlds created by the author. No matter if you access the steadily synchronised story wiki or the virtual walk through of all the locations of a novel published on WalkingWords, you will always find exclusive details, little hints or additional background information not mentioned anywhere else. Using all the story layers will provide a unique 360 degree surround view, superior to every regular e-book, audiobook or movie. However, it is not necessary to use all the features to understand the story. All additional functions are on demand and it is up to you to do one step further into the story, whenever you want to know a bit more.

What does Immersive Storytelling mean for authors?

Authors have to follow various publishing rules, defined by consumer media habits and the rules of the publishing industry. When authors write a fictional novel, they have a clear picture in mind. They know how every single character looks like from the hair to the tip of the shoe as well as they know how for example the interior of the old abandoned house looks like from the texture of the stone wall up to a tiny little candle holder somewhere in the edge of the entrance hall. However, authors are not allowed to share their exact vision in this level of detail as this would end up in many thousand pages. Many consumers don’t want to read this and publishers will never accept this.

The unique features of immersive storytelling allow authors for the very first time to invite their audience right into the story as if they were participants. The AI of WalkingWords allows to synchronise the e-book, the audiobook, virtual walk through locations an interactive story, a soundtrack and much more constantly to the exact reading or listening position of every novel. For the very first time we proudly can share with all the audience the exact vision of the author, while he wrote the story.

Do I need to view all the visual content to understand the story?

No. All additional content has been carefully curated by the author to enhance the content of the written novel. The intention is to extend the atmosphere by a visual meta layers, providing exclusive details of the author beyond words. If an author would describe the every location of a story with all its details, it would extend the novel by hundreds of pages. To avoid never ending boring descriptions WalkingWords is developing a tailor made artwork well fitting to the novel, which the author had in mind, when he wrote the story. All other exclusive details shown in the Where am I? and the Who am I? sections are provided by the author and have been either visualised or used in the story wiki to extend the written novel to a fully new storytelling level.

Do I need specific hardware to read, listen and watch a novel?

No. The iOS and Android App run on all regular devices, but a common tablet will be recommended as reading would be easier and watching would have been a far better visual impact.